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BJW Equine offers the very best in rehabilitation care. With a state of the art "My Pet Laser" and Equissage as well as 24/7 care of your horses, our staff are ready to give your horse the best road to recovery. We also offer services like box rest, hand walking, icing and grazing. Equissage is used as part of our daily routine. Please contact Bronte for further information.

Laser Therapy

What is it?

Laser therapy may improve and speed up the recovery time for a variety of common injuries and lameness disorders. It may also help to prevent injuries in horses and maintain their high level of fitness and performance. To maximise its effectiveness, it can be used in conjunction with traditional therapy such as icing, equissage and red light therapy. 


How it works 


Treatment stimulates the supply of oxygen and energy to the tissues. It also speeds up the removal of waste products and improves lymphatic drainage therefore reducing inflammation and swelling. What follows is a reduction in pain or soreness to the area being treated. 

As a result of this accelerated healing the formation of scar tissue is reduced. Repeated treatments have a cumulative effect so regular therapy is highly recommended to achieve maximum results. Laser therapy can also aid in the reduction of already formed scar tissue, which is helpful in tendon and ligament injuries. Laser therapy can also aid in reducing lactic acid from muscles after intensive work. 


What areas can be treated 


Tendon injuries 

Ligament injuries such as Suspensory 


Osteoarthritis including Navicular Syndrome 




Laser protocols will vary depending on whether it is being used for prevention or treatment of injury. Also depends on nature of injury and whether the injury is acute or chronic.

Please contact Bronte for further information.
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